10 ways JCI can help your career (and your community) - and how it helped me!

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10 ways JCI can help your career (and your community) - and how it helped me!

Posted By admin |16 Feb 2016
10 ways JCI can help your career (and your community) - and how it helped me!

A post from Solveig Malvik 2011 JCI UK Deputy National President


Dear JCI member and friend,

As the economy in the UK and Europe is getting worse and worse and people are taking to the streets in frustration or picking up a gun (as in my home country, Norway), JCI offers real and proven opportunities for you to take control over your career. Ways you can stand out, help your community and make the best of your opportunities.

In JCI we are busy preparing for 2012 and there's lots of opportunities for you to get invovled. Check out the opportunities for roles on national board for a truly national and international network, talk to your local president for opportunities on the local level and how you can help your local community, and read our blog to get inspired on what is going on across the country already.

I'm Solveig Malvik and I'm the Deputy National President for JCI UK 2011. I'd like to share with you how JCI has helped me in my career, how it can help you, and how we in JCI can make a positive difference in our local communities.

10 ways JCI can help your career (and your community) - and how it helped me!

JCI has been incredibly helpful for my career. I just (last week! yay!) started a job as Head of Marketing, part of the Senior Management Team at a national training provider, and I can tell you that I would never have gotten this job had if I had not been involved with JCI.

I want to share with you how that happened to me, and how you can make the same happen in your life - it if is a better job, more control over your career, a promotion, better career opportunities or simply just getting better at what you do. And all this while working with our local community making them Be Better too.

  1. Challenge yourself - Last year, mostly because no one else wanted to, I got the opportunity to represent the UK in the JCI World Public Speaking Championship at the European finals at the 2010 JCI European Conference in Denmark. And lo and behold! I won! So off I went to the World Finals in Osaka, Japan, 6 months later. Was I nervous? Yep, what an understatement. But by that time I was also prepared. People from all across the organisation, both in the UK and abroad, had been helping me to make sure I was able to do my best. When I stood there on the platform I was nervous as I knew I was being judged, but I also felt incredibly lucky and loved, knowing everyone just wanted me to do my best.
  2. Go outside your comfort zone - Yeah, the public speaking championship was pretty far outside my comfort zone. Though the things that have taken me the furthest outside my comfort zones are not the big flashy events. Its the smaller things where every day I've had the opportunity to try something I wasn't comfortable with and get positive results. From sending this email to you, to chairing a meeting, speaking to Senators, all the way to speaking in the House of Lords. JCI offers you lots of little ways you can learn something new and useful.
  3. Take every opportunity to learn something new - I never thought I'd find myself in marketing. And even less head of a marketing team. But I've always been interested in communication and in managing people, the how's, why's and what's. So I've always been curious. Read and listened. And taken every opportunity to try things out. Managing a project team in JCI with the Entrepreneurial Academy, working on communication with the newsletters and websites of JCI, learning what works and what doesn't. One of the best ways to learn something new? Get involved in JCI on the national or local level in 2012. Take on a director role or a project, have fun! try something new!
  4. Think inside the box, then do the other thing -It's a cliché to think outside the box - have you thought about what it looks like to think *inside* the box? Write down all the obvious things? Then write down the exact opposite? Then you write down what you can actually do. And just go do it. That's one of many tricks and ideas I've learned in training sessions with JCI. 
  5. Build a global network - In JCI we say we want to be "the world's leading network of young active citizens". And we are. We're the largest organisation of like minded people in the world. And we're all over the world. And we're connected. It's a big kick to go to somewhere like Manila and have people from all over the world asking you about your new business and how they can do business with you. This is what JCI does.
  6. Build a trust based network - A network isn't how many names are in your contacts book, but how many people know you and trust you, people you can count on when things really matter. JCI isn't a networking organisation, but the network you get in JCI will be with you for life. Its people you've worked with, laughed with, cried with. Its real connections. Real friends. People who will help you for life.
  7. Help yourself, help others - In JCI we don't believe in business for the sake of business, but business as so far it can help develop our community. The mind-set of "Be better", always looking to see how we can go that extra mile (or meal), do things just a bit better, make things better for the people around us.
  8. Give back - Giving back feels good. Helping others feel good. We know that most of us join JCI for what we can get out of the organisation, but the majority of us stay in the organisation for what we can give back, for what we can help others do. In JCI you get to be part of the bigger picture, help your local community through local projects, or help fight malaria in Africa (funnily also through local projects here in the UK, it's amazing what a local project can do, really).
  9. Surprise yourself! - When I joined JCI I barely dared talk to the local president and I thought the national president was something similar to a semi-god. They were intimidating and awesome people I highly admired. I could never ever see myself as a local president. And national president?!? You must be kidding me! And here I find myself - past president of JCI London (2010) and future National President for JCI UK. And it's all happened awfully fast but been awfully fun all along the way.
  10. Remember to have fun! - It's been busy and gone fast but I've done things I've never ever dreamt of and had more fun than I ever thought I would. From visiting the tsunami stricken areas of Japan and getting in the middle of a tsunami warning ourselves, touring the UK with the world president (he's awesome! and really really nice!), setting up my own business on the back of my JCI experience to the weekly and monthly meetings with our amazing and always interesting members - it's all been fun. And I'll keep going as long as it keeps being fun, that I can promise you.

Check out the opportunities for you on National Board 2012 or find opportunities in your local chamber by talking to your local President.

If you want more inspiration, come to the JCI UK National Convention in Sheffield in November! (here's how awesome it was last year, this year will be even better)

Help us Be Better!
Do you have an idea for how we can do things differently or better in JCI UK? Please share it with me. It doesn't matter if you've been a member for a year or a week, any idea is welcome.

I look forward to hearing from you! (and maybe working with you next year, on local or national level).

And if you want inspiration for what people have already done, and read more about the things I've been up to, check out the JCI UK blog!


Solveig Malvik


Deputy National President JCI UK 2011
Marketing Director JCI UK 2011
Immediate Past President JCI London (2010)
Certified National Trainer (CNT)
2010 European Public Speaking Champion