2021 JCI Sheffield Plan of Impact

2021 JCI Sheffield Plan of Impact

Posted By admin |20 Feb 2021
2021 JCI Sheffield Plan of Impact
2021 JCI Sheffield Plan of Impact - Plan on a page


JCI Sheffield (previously British Junior Chamber of Commerce) was established in the city in 1927 and is affiliated to JCI UK and JCI. We are guided by the following principles:

JCI Vision (global)

To be the leading global network of young active citizens.

JCI Mission (global)

To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

JCI Strategic Plan (global)

JCI will be the organisation that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact; using the following strategic approaches:

Impact; Motivate; Invest; Connect & Collaborate

Values (JCI UK)

Dynamic & Ambitious – We are forward thinking and willing to try new things that push us out of our comfort zone. We continually work to improve ourselves through an action focused, progressive and forward thinking outlook.

Responsible & Committed – We do what we say we will. We are accountable for our organisation, our members, and projects. We use our skills, as well as learning new ones, to make a difference in our communities and to protect our environment.

Inclusive & Supportive – We create a safe, welcoming space for members to develop themselves and our organisation. We are inclusive and open to all. We help each other to be the best we can be and add value to our network. Willing & Proactive – We take the lead on projects that make a difference. We work hard with passion and enthusiasm. We collaborate both inside and outside our organisation to have the biggest impact possible. We embrace new opportunities as the adventures they are.


Our vision for JCI Sheffield

What will JCI Sheffield be like at the end of the year? (Dec 2021)

  • Be vibrant, with active, engaged and enthusiastic members that are keen to get involved and share their ideas about what they want to learn, with lots of projects going on that people want to get involved in.
  • Have 25 members.
  • Is well known in JCI UK, Europe and globally for its activities.

What will JCI Sheffield members think and feel?

  • That JCI is a priority in their lives for their growth and development.
  • That it’s fun.
  • That they are proud to be involved.
  • That they talk positively at every opportunity about the organisation and what they get out of it.

What will JCI Sheffield members have achieved together?

  • A strong sense of community and a supportive and friendly environment where members are pleased to attend (in person or virtually) JCI Sheffield events.
  • Delivered several projects.
  • Improved and grown members with an increase in confidence, skills and experiences.

What will our community say about JCI Sheffield?

  • Talk positively about it and be pleased, grateful and appreciative of what it offers.
  • If you are 18-40 year old you must get involved and join as its the place to be!

What impact will we have made together in JCI Sheffield?

  • Developed and grown our members.
  • Inspired and motivated others.
  • Delivered projects that have made a difference in the community.

Get involved – we would love to hear from you.

E: marketing@jcisheffield.org.uk

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