Alex Garcez

Alex Garcez

Posted By admin |04 Jul 2011
Alex Garcez

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Events » Training courses » SpeedAlex.jpgAlex Garcez teaches time pressured city professionals to read twice as fast.

He was a slow reader himself and after a breakthrough experience he has learned to read faster.

Alex has developed a new system that helps ambitious professionals to gain knowledge quickly and after 7 years of experience he has happy clients from Companies including JP Morgan, KPMG and IBM.

 With the Internet doubling every year, new information is becoming out of date faster than ever, whilst our ability to process information is still the same and the great majority still read like they used to as a teenager and can't read faster than they talk.

 Most people don't question their reading speed because they don't know there is a way to measure it.

 Alex delivers an intensive 4 hour speed reading training, teaching the tools and techniques to set his students up with a skill for life and he guarantees 33% improvement.