Confident Presence - Training Review

Confident Presence - Training Review

Posted By admin |02 Jun 2011
Confident Presence - Training Review


Confident Presence - Training Review

Date: Thursday 19th May 2011

Venue: Positive Computing, 252-256 Kings Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 4HP

“Confident Presence” is an excellent, highly interactive training session which was led by Solveig Malvik, giving participants an opportunity to explore how to build a confident presence through the use of body language, spoken words and positive status.

This session for JCI Reading was designed to provide practical tips and techniques for achieving a more confident presence, particularly in the workplace.  Throughout the course of the session, Solvig demonstrated how the 10 participants could ensure their presence was appropriate for the situation and to make improvements through lots of practice.

The key areas we looked into were:

- First impressions,

- The elements of charisma, and

- How you can make the subconscious work with you, not against you.

The training workshop took place over 2 hours in Reading and was very much an interactive session that certainly kept us on our feet!  

I particularly enjoyed the practice session role playing as an overly confident cleaner with a shy and lacking in confidence CEO.  Its amazing how awkward you can feel acting in a role but with the wrong characteristics!  Very interesting.  

By the end of the session, we had a good understanding of the theory, as well as have practised, experienced the benefits and were well on our way towards a strong and confident presence.


The training was provided by Solveig Malvik, JCI UK National Deputy President 2011, Certified Local Trainer, Immediate Past President JCI London, JCI UK Marketing Director 2011. 

What do people say about Solveig Malvik and the Confident Presence Workshop?

“I had the chance of attending the body language training given by Solveig in Beirut. Solveig’s dynamism and engaging style of delivery turned the session into a pleasant and practical experience to learn. Solveig added a new perspective into my understanding of body language."

Roland Haddad

On behalf of all those who participated in the training, thank you Solvig for a great session, it was very interesting, food for thought and good fun!