Congratulations to JCI London's New Trainers!

Congratulations to JCI London's New Trainers!

Posted By admin |20 Feb 2011
Congratulations to JCI London's New Trainers!

JCI Trainer course was held over the weekend or 5th/6th Feb which naturally just a followed on from week after an Inspiration day and JCI Presenter course.  Doing JCI Presenter and JCI Trainer with in a few days was a great way to keep the enthusiasm levels up especially with having the friendly faces of Adam and Simon back for a second weekend with all their wealth of knowledge between them.

Most of the participants who did JCI Presenter during the weekend before were the same people who attended JCI Trainer over

this weekend. There was a huge and noticeable difference in the levels of confidence during JCI Trainer compared to the weekend before.  People were more actively engaged and not shy when asked to make 1-3 minutes presentations to the room of 14 people. There wasn’t a point when the either Adam or Simon were forcing people to volunteer.  Both Trainers did a fantastic job at co-ordinating the teams, keeping them to time and offering invaluable knowledge and feedback through out all the team exercises.

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The course delivered was very thorough, and a lot of content was covered in the small amount of time we had in just two days. There was almost a point where it was a challenge to see how all the information being presented would be retained, especially after the first full day of training and interactive games. “Information Overload” would be a way to describe it. On the second day, the information had been aborted and was put into practice and the Trainees survived the day to tell their story. To be a good trainer, the JCI Trainer trainees from this weekend have all learnt that it’s about taking your trainees on a journey by making them feel engaged and active in what they are learning about.

There was a noticeable difference by the end of the course between being a presenter and being a trainer. Having done both, it’s understandable why completing JCI Presenter is an advantage before going up the next step in the ladder to JCI Trainer.

There are now a new class of JCI Trainer Graduates unleashed in the JCI community who are rearing to go, so take advantage of this and get your small learning requests in early and help them get their hours up!


By Nadene Jones, JCI London Social Director