Congratulations to JCI UK 2011 Awards winners!

Congratulations to JCI UK 2011 Awards winners!

Posted By admin |29 Nov 2011
Congratulations to JCI UK 2011 Awards winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2011 JCI UK National Awards!

Every year local Chambers across the UK sumbit awards to be recognized for their hard work and efforts during the year. The winning awards go on to the European Awards at the JCI European Conference in Braunschweig in 2012.

Please join us in congratulating the following:


Most Outstanding Community Project
Winner - JCI Manchester for their 3 Peaks Challenge

Most Outstanding Fundraising Project
Winner - JCI Leeds for Fashion Bites Back

Most Outstanding Business Project
Winner - JCI Sheffield 'There's an App for that!'

Most Outstanding Training and Development Programme
Winner - JCI Sheffield Academy
Certificate of Merit - JCI Southampton Personal Development Programme

Most Outstanding International Project
Winner -JCI London's 'Live Like a Londoner' weekend

Most Outstanding Marketing and PR Programme
Winner -JCI Sheffield
Certificate of Merit - JCI Cambridge

Most Outstanding Membership Recruitment Programme
Winner -JCI Manchester

Most Outstanding Social Project
Winner -JCI Southampton

Most Outstanding Regular Local Publication
Winner -JCI Boston
Certificate of Merit - JCI London

Most Outstanding Programme
Winner -JCI Portsmouth

Most Outstanding Current Member
Winner -Daniel Senter, JCI Sheffield

Most Outstanding New Member
Winner - Soraya Bowen, JCI London

Most Outstanding Trainer
Emma Eastwood, JCI Leeds

Most Outstanding Preparation by a Deputy President
Winner -Sandra Pilarczyk, JCI Sheffield
Certificate of Merit - Simon Bucknall, JCI London

Most Outstanding President
Winner -Sarah Beckwith, JCI London

Certificates of Recognition:
Chamber with 24-49 members:
Drew Charman, JCI Southampton

Chamber with 50-99 members:
Kate Senter, JCI Sheffield

Chamber with 100+ members:
Sarah Beckwith, JCI London

Most Outstanding Chamber
JCI Sheffield



Extempore Competition
Tim Metcalfe, JCI Leeds

Public Speaking Competition
Phil Cavalier-Lumley, JCI Bradford

Debating Competition
Bradfield, Phil Cavalier-Lumley (JCI Bradford), Anil Champaneri (JCI Leeds) & Dan Senter (JCI Sheffield)

Best individual debater
Dan Senter, JCI Sheffield



Most Outstanding Leader
Jen Little, JCI Cambridge
Tracy Anderson, JCI Boston

Most Oustanding Legacy
Adam Woodhall

Most Outstanding Senator
The British Senate

2011 JCI UK award ceremony in Sheffield - Introduction by 2011 National PResident Allison Cowell

2011 JCI UK award ceremony in Sheffield - Awards presenters Tim Metcalfe and Solveig Malvik

2011 JCI UK award ceremony in Sheffield - Best Member - Soraya Bowen from JCI Londond

2011 JCI UK award ceremony in Sheffield - Most Outstanding Presidents