Did we find Nessie?

Did we find Nessie?

Posted By admin |16 Nov 2011
Did we find Nessie?

On the 2nd of October Soraya and I ran around Loch Ness. We did this in order to fundraise for Nothing But Nets and we hoped our efforts would encourage people to buy bednets...

Well, how was it? Fortunately the drizzle meant that conditions were not too hot. The marathon started well, going downhill. However, what goes down must come back up and it got hard going around the 18 mile mark. Neverthless, the view was beautiful and the thought of the bed nets that people would by spurred me on to a time of around 5 hours 37minutes - which I was very happy with!

Thank you to all our supporters and those who have already bought bednets, it is much appreciated. You are still able to buy a bednet and can do so via the following link:


And, did we find Nessie? See for yourself...


2011-10-02 16.52.25.jpg