Discover JCI

Discover JCI

Posted By admin |06 Mar 2021
Discover JCI

JCI Sheffield and Sweden host JCI Discover

On Thursday 25th February, trainers Mark Smith and Jenni Ahlstedt gathered members from JCI Sheffield and JCI Sweden, plus Barnsley, Brazil and Malta to name a few, for the first JCI Discover of 2021. 

Photo of trainers
Mark Smith (JCI Sheffield) and Jenni Ahlstedt (JCI Stockholm)

The online interactive session was a brilliant introduction to the world of JCI, offering insight into the journey of a JCI member, and looking at why JCI exists. The session covered key elements of being part of JCI including the mission, core values, skills development and the introduction of the Active Citizen Framework.

As a newbie to the JCI world, the event was just what we needed – a great way to engage with other members across the world, whilst also learning how we can put this into practice in the real world.

We started the session by getting to know each other and what core value we feel is the most important to us, then how we think this is important in society. Here’s just some of our thoughts;

Whiteboard with values
What value is most important to you and why?

Following looking at us as members, we turned to the JCI Creed and how this fits with our core values. This went on to looking at JCI’s purpose and The Golden Circle. Utilising the power of zoom breakout rooms, we shared how we all see JCI’s Why, How and What’s. The key messages we came up with being;

Why – to be and do better

How – connecting diverse people

What – providing a platform for change

But how do we put this into practice? The Active Citizen Framework** is how!

We then explored the Active Citizen Framework, looking at how each of us can create extraordinary impact by finding targeted and sustainable solutions for creating long lasting positive changes in their community and the world. Mark and Jenni shared their experiences and journey of JCI, how they developed their skills such as leadership and public speaking locally, nationally and internationally, to develop a better world. 

The three hour session zoomed (pardon the pun!) by and we all were smiling at the end. The session covered the key aspects of being a JCI member and set us all up with thinking how we can be an Active Citizen in the world of JCI.

photo of the zoom call and participants
Happy JCI members

Kirsty White

JCI Sheffield Member (joined Feb 2020)

If you are interested in joining JCI Sheffield - for more information or if you are ready to join, click here.

* * The Active Citizens Framework is being updated into the new JCI Action Framework - same methodology but with it being applied to all four areas of opportunity i.e. 1) Individual development (training); 2) International collaboration; 3) Business and entrepreneurship and 4) Community action.