Getting merry with Mayo! My first JCI social experience.

Getting merry with Mayo! My first JCI social experience.

Posted By admin |22 Mar 2021
Getting merry with Mayo! My first JCI social experience.

Slàinte! St Patrick’s Day celebrations in 2021 were like most other things… virtual!

I joined JCI Sheffield earlier this year and before long was invited to a variety of workshops opening my eyes to the possibilities that JCI membership brings. I admit, I have been completely seduced with the idea of travelling overseas to beautiful cities with a noble cause supporting a project to benefit humanity. Nonetheless, for now I make do with virtual events from my home in Sheffield!

JCI Mayo (Ireland) and JCI Sheffield (UK) are twinned and so collaborate closely on a range of issues, and of course, St Patricks Day celebrations! As I joined the social event not quite sure what to expect, and entered the room to laughter, professional joke-telling and a line-up of games – a really well organised social. I felt welcome and relaxed from the start and left the session with a big smile of my face, having met some big characters from Mayo, and in anticipation for traveling to Mayo to do it in person!! 

It was particularly interesting to get a background on the partnership * between the JCIs and to hear about the great past events, and I genuinely felt I made new friends which makes the collaboration all the more impressive. 

I look forward to future events and developing new friendships across the JCI world!

Alex Leonard - JCI Sheffield member

** JCI Sheffield & JCI Mayo have been twins since 2012! Read more here!