How to recognise a JCI UK member this summer

How to recognise a JCI UK member this summer

Posted By admin |25 May 2012
How to recognise a JCI UK member this summer

It's summer time, and do you know what that means? It means it is time to get out your Union Jack gear and get ready for the JCI area conference season!

I know that the team in my office don't get it.

On the one hand, I think they are a bit jealous that I get to travel to places like Hong Kong and Germany almost as casually as if I was travelling to Blackpool or Dudley. On the other hand, they don't really understand the whole dressing up thing, and who can blame them when we end up looking like this?

JCI UK ladies in Union Jack gear in Tarragona

I don't think you can fit another Union Jack on us. From left; Evren, Sofie, Soraya, Me (Solveig) and Sarah.

If we're not decked out in Union Jack gear (fondly known as Union Jackage in JCI UK), we make sure we wear a t-shirt with at least a JCI logo on it, maybe the motto of the year and a Union Jack on the sleeve.

Emma in 2012 National board t-shirt

This is the back of Deputy National President and Personal Development Director 2012 Emma Eastwood in the 2012 JCI UK National Board t-shirt. And yes, there's a Union Jack on the sleeve, a JCI logo on other sleeve and another JCI logo on the chest.

Of course, we also have our gala gear.

Presidents in chains

Chains of office. From left; Kirstie, Heather, Tracy, Phil, me and Steven.

And of course, if we can fit some Union Jack in, we will...

JCI UK gentlemen in Union Jack bowties in Tarragona

Aren't they handsome? From left; Sandor, Anil, Andrew, Vincent and Stephen.

And of course, its not just the UK...its everyone...

JCI finland outfit

Can you guess where Mika is from?

Blog » Norway in JCI gear.jpg

Some Norwegians.

And if you wonder where you can get all this amazing Union Jack stuff from to get ready for the summer, the answer is very easy - everywhere! The UK is getting all dressed up for the Jubilee and the Olympics and never have the picking been this good. So get dressed, get ready and join the Union Jack gang this summer in Braunschweig, Hong Kong or - in November - Taipei. I know I am!


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JCI UK National President 2012