Posted By admin |26 May 2020

Established in 2011, ACE (Active Citizen Experience) is a community project where JCI Members can register their volunteer hours for a range of activities. Members are then awarded certificates according to the hours logged in recognition of their efforts on an annual basis.

Taking part in ACE is easy; you just need to record your volunteering hours any time from 1st November 2019 to 20th November 2020 via this form

The programme now extends to include all key areas of JCI that impact our communities, so please record your time if you are volunteering in any of the four key areas: 

  • Community
  • Business
  • Personal Development 
  • International

Activities can include volunteering with a charity, participating in fundraising activities, working with community groups, or simple gestures like supporting an elderly neighbour. This can be for anything from volunteering locally to somewhere further afield or via the internet. Any hours or events outside of JCI can also be counted, so please also add these to the form.

This year’s recipients will be awarded their certificates at JCI UK’s online award ceremony as part of the online National Convention after the end of November 2020.

The award categories for those that have logged a certain number of hours are as follows:

  • Bronze – 10 hours
  • Silver – 25 hours
  • Gold – 50 hours
  • Platinum – 100 hours
  • Diamond – 250 hours

Don’t miss don’t miss the opportunity to get recognised for all the great volunteer work that you are doing!

If you would like more information about ACE, please email admin@jci.uk.org.uk