JCI - UN Global Partnership Summit - Conclusion

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JCI - UN Global Partnership Summit - Conclusion

Posted By admin |28 Jun 2011
JCI - UN Global Partnership Summit - Conclusion

Events » un symbol sm.jpgIn Conclusion

I had mixed feelings when the summit ended. I was sad because of the wonderful experience I had at the summit has come to an "end". I was happy because this "end" is only the beginning. We talk about win-win situations and this summit was one. It was a win for JCI, a win for its partners and the UN MDG programme, and certainly a win for the individuals.

For JCI, it now has more opportunities to put in place more programmes and attract more members across the globe. It has also strengthen its bond with the partners present and certainly with the UN. 

For the partners, they have approached the right platform to make strengthen their messages and links to the world. JCI members are global active citizens who are making a difference in their businesses and local communities every time. Thus JCI is the ideal partner to mobilise young people around the world.

For the individuals, the summit has given the opportunity, and motivation, for them to become better leaders in business, in their community, and in the world. Although the focus of the summit was related to the Millennium Development Goals, the skills acquired, the links made, the opportunities which have opened, are relevant to nurture your leadership skills in various fields - from business to politics. After all, the event of such scale was organised and made successful by JCI members. It can be you who are amongst the organisers of the next world event. Imagine how much weight it will bring to your CV since all the skills you'll learn and acquire are transferable, how positively it can present your business to your partners or clients, and certainly, how important you can make yourself in your own community. The people you'll meet will not just be links to you, they'll be active contacts who will know you. 

JCI gives me opportunities at every corner to become a leader and create positive changes in my community and globally. Think what JCI can do for you!

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