JCI - UN Global Partnership Summit - Intro and Day 1

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JCI - UN Global Partnership Summit - Intro and Day 1

Posted By admin |29 Jun 2011
JCI - UN Global Partnership Summit - Intro and Day 1

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JCI is an incredible organization that offers extraordinary opportunities of making its members active global citizens. The JCI UN partnership summit is a typical example.

The JCI UN partnership summit 2011 focus, like in 2010, is on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The MDG, initiated by former UN Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Anan, has eight main targets which must be achieved by 2015. The eight goals set and agreed by 23 countries are:

    * Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

    * Achieve universal primary education

    * Promote gender equality and empower women

    * Reduce child mortality rates

    * Improve maternal health

    * Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases

    * Ensure environmental sustainability

    * Develop a global partnership for development

The United Nations recognizes the potential of JCI and has acknowledged the contribution that our organization can contribute to achieve these targets.

What fascinates me is not only how I, as member of JCI, can contribute positively towards a better world, but also how my active participation and contribution in the MDG can also nurture my leadership and business skills. This fact applies definitely to all the 200+ participation at the summit.

New York

It's my first time in New York and so far it has impressed me deeply. Although skyscrapers are not exclusive to the United States anymore, it has to be noted that New York has had them for more than a century. The Empire States building is even more iconic when you see it for real, and especially at night. The pencil shaped building stands up majestically in the city - and so do many other buildings.

Day 1


Registration was brief and straightforward. We were given our kit, with program, folder and stationery. Straight away I was warmly greeted by registrants from Senegal and Togo. Later on I met members from 11 other countries (plus a senator of JCI Reading) - which highlights how global JCI is.

The Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony was very emotional, with a video on the MDG and the suffering that the most vulnerable have to go through everyday. Then a video on the history of JCI followed. Secretary General Kodama rightly selected the two videos for the summit.

Mr. Kodama also read a letter straight from the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, which urged JCI to convince more companies to sign the MDG agreement. Personally, I believe JCI Reading can achieve such target.


By the end of the opening ceremony, it was clear to me that I wanted to contributed to the MDG and become and global active citizen. I could also clearly see the benefits that I can gain in participating in the program. The positive atmosphere and the emphasis by the chair people on seeking concrete solutions were highly energizing.

After the ceremony, it was all about networking. It was a chance for me to put in what I have learnt from the JCI training in Reading into practice. I presented myself to individuals from more than 13 countries.

Day 1 started with a bang for me and the opportunities, for JCI, the UN and the individuals, are amazing. I would never have had such experience without JCI. What is amazing is that it's there for any JCI members to embrace.

I will be posting more updates soon, so please come back to find out what happens next.

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