JCI London 2021 Local President’s New Year Message

JCI London 2021 Local President’s New Year Message

Posted By admin |01 Jan 2021
JCI London 2021 Local President’s New Year Message

As we begin 2021, meaning that I officially commence my role as your Local President, it is with great humility that I embrace this opportunity to share my first message as the 2021 JCI London President.  Just as I did while delivering my acceptance speech at the 2020 AGM, I’d like to thank all past presidents and board members, who paved the way and made our Local Organisation (JCI London) what it is today for us (myself and the entire 2021 board) to continue with the good work. 

A special thank you goes to my predecessor, Chantelle Nylander-Quartey for putting me under her tutelage, for her immense commitment, her hard work throughout 2020 and for her support during my preparation to take up this role - I’m truly grateful.

Myself and the newly elected board, who will all be officially introduced to you during our Kick-off event promise nothing but commitment to serving you and making JCI London a force to be reckoned with. 

I’m very confident that we will go on to do more, be more and achieve more together in 2021. I urge you all to keep this anchor guide with you throughout the year and in the foreseeable future. We’d all agree that 2020 was a very challenging year in many aspects, but being part of an organisation like JCI means that we are ambitious and purposeful individuals of the active citizen framework, let’s continue to exhibit these traits by ‘Thinking Forward’ in 2021. 

My best wishes,

Emmanuel Lamptey

2021 JCI London Local President