JCI London presents.....BPP University Mentoring Scheme!

JCI London presents.....BPP University Mentoring Scheme!

Posted By admin |23 Apr 2021
JCI London presents.....BPP University Mentoring Scheme!
As we'vefinally launched our partnership with BPP University this year what better way to get the ball rolling than with an opportunity for you and our other members to get your teeth into. Introducing.....The BPP/ JCI Mentoring Scheme.

This is designed to support BPP Business School students who want to explore their career goals  and aspirations. As part of the scheme, JCI members can volunteer to help students to broaden their career perspective,  gain clarity and develop confidence. Mentors benefit from the scheme in a number of ways such as:

• Enhance personal and communication skills
• Reinforce industry knowledge
• Develop confidence and career motivation 
• Gain recognition for skills and experience 
• Achieve a sense of fulfilment and personal growth
 • Develop leadership and management skills
• Engage in a volunteering opportunity valued by employers
• Use valued skills –active listening, showing empathy and asking focused questions 
 • An opportunity to self-reflect on your professional/personal journey 
So how does the process work? 

BPP students are asked to apply for a Mentor and once a suitable student match is identified, the mentor will be  notified to check they still wish to be involved in the scheme before the Mentor/Mentee relationship is agreed. It  cannot be guaranteed that a suitable match will be identified as it depends on numbers of students applying and type of  support they specify (e.g. industry/sector/profession). 

The objective is for mentees (students) to receive these benefits: 

• Gaining an inside view of a sector / profession and employment opportunities 
 • Identifying goals and establishing a sense of direction  
• Gaining valuable insight into working life and career next steps
• Becoming more empowered to make decisions 
• Practical advice and support  
• Expanding her/his professional network 
• Developing essential "Career Ready" skills and attributes 

The Commitment
We want our BPP mentees to receive a quality experience so this is key. Mentors and Mentees should aim to meet 5 times over the course of up to a maximum 6 month period.

At each meeting Mentors should help Mentee set goals and actions intended to help them develop  professionally and personally

If you would like to join this great new scheme you can do so via the link below: 
Register here

We hope to see lots of JCI London mentors and of course, capturing your experience as a wonderful JCI London Member Story by writing a blog to join our catalogue of stories thus far! 

If you have any further questions about the scheme, feel free to contact our Business Development & Partnerships Director Mirjam Kaerma