JCI London Projects Looking for Team Members

JCI London Projects Looking for Team Members

Posted By admin |02 May 2011
JCI London Projects Looking for Team Members


We have some exciting projects on the go at the moment and looking for members to get involved to make them a success. To name a handful:


1. Starting a new JCI Chamber in London

We're looking for some dedicated members to form part of this project team to help us create a new chamber to provide more JCI members to opportunities to become leaders in this Local Chamber and make a difference to their lives and the community. So if you have some spare time on your hands and willing to commit to taking on some tasks to help us achieve this. Tasks may include:

  • Be it in the from of either analysing boroughs in London,
  • Researching what future members want,
  • Organising team meetings,
  • Talking to other chambers around UK/EU on their experiences,
  • Building relationships with international cities for twinning possibilities,
  • Investigating venues to base the new chamber,
  • Applying for funding and looking for sponsorship
  • ....the list goes on!

This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved. We're looking for people who are able to commit at least an 1hr-2hr per week if need be as well as be an active part of the decisions that need to be made.


2. Twinning Weekend in London

JCI stands for Junior Chamber International. London is probably the most international Chamber in the world, and we are connected to 5 other cities we call twins  (JCI in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallin, Paris and Berlin), which means we have a special relationship with these cities. What better way for our members to get to know each other than to invite our twins to London for a weekend of fun and experiences to build upon our close relationships? JCI London are hosting a twinning weekend on the first weekend of September 2011 and we're looking for members to be part of this project team to make this weekend happen and ensure out twins have a fantastic experiences and leave London with a good impression. The theme of our Twinning weekend is "Live like a Londoner".

Some of the tasks include:

  • Checking out venues for events like dinners,
  • hotels/hostels or members who are willing to host a guest for the weekend,
  • organising walking tours and other London inspired sites,
  • creating marketing material for our weekend,
  • assist with being a contact for a twin city if they have queries or questions,
  • possibly look for sponsorship from companies for some funding to make the weekend cheap for our twins
  • Assist on the actual weekend (host events, coordinate members, show members around during their free time).

This project will require you to attend a team meeting per month and complete which ever tasks you take on in your own time.

This is a great chance to get involved and build some bridges on an International level!


3. Other Events

Fancy organising and hosting something fun? We are looking for members to be apart of our fun social team and help us organise and host a wide variety of events to keep our members entertained. We have some ideas, but always keen to hear some more and make them happen! So of the events we have in mind are:

  • Dinner Evenings
  • Picnic in the Park
  • Cocktail Making evening
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Apprentice style days in London
  • Laser Tagging/Paintballing
  • Party/Club evenings out in London
  • Networking Thursday in the Pubs
  • Open Air Theatre
  • Festival Days
  • Etc........

This is a fun way to get involved and get to know more members!


If any of these projects have sparked your interest then please get in touch with Nadene Jones