JCI Reading June Newsletter - Making and Taking Opportunities

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JCI Reading June Newsletter - Making and Taking Opportunities

Posted By admin |23 Jun 2011
JCI Reading June Newsletter - Making and Taking Opportunities

To me Life is about recognising, making and taking opportunities.

Since I have been in JCI I have done my best to recognise the opportunities around me (otherwise I would not be in the position to write you this email today!). I am sure that some have let some slip by and I will encourage everybody to consider the little instances that occur daily that if taken will turn into something bigger down the road.

My first big JCI opportunity was the World congress in Tunisia 2009. Carrie randomly mentioned she had a fantastic deal on accommodation for her and her partner and as I had not taken a holiday in a while I booked it.

I have not looked back, mainly because I have not had time! (In a good way) I have been caught up by a fantastic organisation and group of people that have supported, encourage challenged me, and at times there have been frustrations. I am sure that I have also given back encouragement, support and challenges along with my fair share of frustrations, through which we have all come out the other side and have all grown from the experience.

Another excellent example of taking opportunities is Faisal Mooraby. Not only has Faisal recently taken a year off work to go back to study but he is currently in New York at the JCI / UN Global Partnership Summit! Talk about grabbing the opportunities around you with both hands.

So what opportunities have you missed recently? Could you have done with learning more about how to have a confident presence, or learn a little more about networking skills and how to work a room?

Well the old saying of 'It's never too late' is always true, take your first step into JCI by attending our Networking Thursday, or Fast-track the reading of those business books that you keep meaning to read, with our Intro to speed reading. Or challenge yourself to find out about the real you, How you make choices and how to really enjoy everything you do.

If you have any questions about any of the events, JCI or how to recognise your opportunities then Drop me an email

I look forward to hearing from you.

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