JCI Reading Stand up and Speak at the Debating Workshop

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JCI Reading Stand up and Speak at the Debating Workshop

Posted By admin |08 Mar 2011
JCI Reading Stand up and Speak at the Debating Workshop

Debating Workshop - Stand up and Speak - 24th Feb 2011

Debating is a great way to get yourself out of your comfort zone and overcome those fears of public speaking. Once you have taken part you realise that anyone can do it and you are capable of getting a point across (even if you are representing a view you do not actually agree with)

I would like to start by saying a big thanks to Saket Modi and the other members (Sofie, Marco, Sarah, Soraya) from JCI London who came along to help train the members of JCI Reading on the Rules and Skills of Debating.

After a run through of the structure of the event and an explanation of rules from Saket, we were split into 2 teams of 3, a panel of 3 judges and the audience (the judges and audience would get their chance later in round two)

The main structure is each team have the following times to plan, speak and put their point across:

Topic is selected by audience member (from a list of 50-60 topics)

Each team has 5 minutes to plan their argument. Then alternating between the team (ie both team captains, then both 1st speakers etc) with one team talking For the proposal, and the other team Against.

2 minute intro stating the definition of the (randomly selected) proposal from the Team Captain

3 minutes from the 1st Speaker

3 minutes from the 2nd Speaker

2 minute summary from the Team Captain


As previously mentioned we had the pleasure of having some JCI London member who have a little experience in JCI debating completions:

Marco van den Heuvel – Has taken part in JCI London debating sessions, trained other members on how to debate, competed on a national level, and was a European debating finalist on the JCI UK team in 2009 (EC in Budapest) and is also National Champion Extempore public speaking JCI UK 2010

Sofie Sandell - Was Swedish Champion 2005, World Champion 2008 and has been a trainer in debating in both JCI Gothenburg, her home chamber, and in JCI London.

Therefore for the first round they took the helms as the two team captains

Joining Marco were Diane and Brian

With Sofie being joined by Steve Jones and Clare

A lively debate on 'State school is better at educating then private school' With Sofie's team talking For the proposal with a strong argument Against being lead by Marco.

As one of the three judges for this round I was very impressed with the standard from the members that had never taken part in debating completions before. There were even comments from JCI London members on the Judging panel and from the audience that they were worried that JCI Reading would now be giving JCI London a run for its money in the Regional completions.

The outcome was that the argument against the proposal won thorough and therefore apparent Private schools are better at educating.

The Second Debate saw Carrie Green (JCI Reading IPP) Steve Wells (JCI Reading President) both with no previous debating experience joined by Soraya Brown from JCI London fighting in support of 'Computers are the best thing since sliced bread' against Sarah Beckwith (JCI London President) Steve Davis (JCI Reading Senator) and Steve Jones (yes he liked it so much he wanted another go straight away).

A valiant effort from my team mates and I was let down by a lack of experience and unfortunately we did not win the debate.

Everyone enjoyed the evening and all from JCI Reading would like to thank the members of JCI London for their assistance and competition.

We look forward to seeing you at a debating competition soon.