JCI Reading Training Review “The Speed Reading Coach” with Alex Garcez

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JCI Reading Training Review “The Speed Reading Coach” with Alex Garcez

Posted By admin |04 Jul 2011
JCI Reading Training Review  “The Speed Reading Coach” with Alex Garcez


 JCI Reading Training Session Review

“The Speed Reading Coach” with Alex Garcez

 Date: Thursday 30th June 2011 @ 7.00pm

Venue: Positive Computing, 252-256 Kings Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 4HP

In the 'experience what speed reading feels like, live!' workshop Alex Garcez, the speed reading coach, opened the session delivered to JCI Reading members by measuring everyones reading speed.  i.e. how many words can you read comfortably in 1 minute?  Most of us could read somewhere between 150-300 words.  It’s interesting to understand that we tend to read at the same speed that we talk.  Therefore, if you normally speak quickly, you probably read faster than people who speak slowly.  Interesting!     dotted line

Alex then progressed to explain what happens with our eyes while reading so that we could begin to understand the principles of speed reading.

We think at least 10 times faster than we talk, isn’t that incredible! We can use this power to learn how to read faster and remember more of what we read.  Alex explained that even though we may not have noticed previously, that we’re probably sounding the words inside our heads.  We need to learn to silence this imaginary voice! 

Alex estimates that we skip back to re-read about 30% of the time.  If we become more focused and skip back only 10% of the time, we will be speed reading without even applying any of the techniques available.

Through use of stories and by comparing the act of speed reading with playing a video game Alex explained; whenever you start a new game you fail quite quickly but if you spend a few minutes practicing, your mind speeds up and you feel comfortable again and keep improving because our brain loves speed.

Alex continued to differentiate between the left and right sides of our brain:

Left Brain:

  • Can comprehend
  • Detail orientated
  • Sequential and linear
  • Words and language
  • Time orientated
  • Past and future
  • Knows Name
  • Safe

Right Brain:

  • Can ‘get it’ (i.e. meaning)
  • ‘Big Picture’ Orientated
  • Holistic
  • Symbols and Images
  • Not time based
  • Present
  • Knows Face
  • Risk Taking

Events » Training courses » SpeedGroup.jpgTo close the session, Alex presented a short video where everyone was required to read text which flashed one word at a time on a screen at a speed of 350 words per minute.  It was interesting that we could all understand the text, even when the speed was increased dramatically to 500 words per minute and 3 words per line.   

In summary, throughout the session we covered the following key points: 

  • What your actual reading speed is
  • The tricks to learn how to speed read
  • That your brain loves speed!
  • How to do it and you will experience how it feels...
  • Slow is boring and fast is fun!!


Further information, including a tutoritial is available at:


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Following the training, Alex would expect to see an improvement from 50% to 300%.

Finally, on behalf of all those who participated in the session, thank you Alex!

For more information Alex Garcez follow the link