JCI UK Community Plans 2011

JCI UK Community Plans 2011

Posted By admin |05 Feb 2011
JCI UK Community Plans 2011

This year JCI UK is supporting JCI's Nothing But Nets Campaign, which has been set up in conjunction with the United Nations, as part of the Global fight against Malaria. This is our chance to be part of the generation that really does make a difference in the world. Here are a few simple suggestions of how you can help to raise funds, after all every Penny helps!!

Mile of Pennies!
How many of you have those coppers lurking in the bottom of your purse or wallet? How many of you don't know what to do with that unwanted change? JCI UK may have the answer! If every member can collect 1p per day for a year then we could raise approximately £1500 for Nothing But Nets, without even trying. However, we can do better than this! If National President Alli Cowell can collect £2.55 in 30 minutes, at Inspiration Day, then think what we can achieve if we really put our minds to it! Why not collect at council meetings, JCI events, get your children, nieces, godchildren involved or contact local businesses and schools? Start collecting today and help JCI UK make a difference!

Clothes Drop
How many times have you looked in your wardrobe and thought about getting rid of all those clothes you don't wear? Why not donate them to JCI UK and help us to reach the 2011 JCI UK Nothing But Nets target? We have teamed up with ‘Bag 2 the Future' to recycle old clothes and fundraise at the same time. We will be arranging collections at National events but it is just as easy for local chambers to run the project. Why not approach your local Slimming clubs to see if any of their members want to follow up on all the hard work they have done, and save a life by donating all those clothes that now no longer fit them. All of the clothes that we collect are sent to Africa, and therefore, we are helping twice with this initiative. For further information contact Gemma Fletcher, JCI UK Community Director.

World Malaria Day 2011

What will you be doing on 24th April 2011?

We are hoping that Chambers will get involved in the day and look to run an event that will get their local community involved, but also help raise awareness and funds for the Nothing But Nets campaign. Why not host a fair, football tournament, sponsored walk or hold a market stall? The sky really is the limit!

Let us know what you are planning so that we can shout about it!