JCI UK Marketing Academy 1st-3rd April 2011

JCI UK Marketing Academy 1st-3rd April 2011

Posted By admin |08 Apr 2011
JCI UK Marketing Academy 1st-3rd April 2011

As I mentioned in the March Newsletter it was the JCI UK Marketing Academy from 1st -3rd April.


This was an opportunity for JCI Members to find out about how best to market something, in this case JCI. We started with an introduction to the concept of branding and then went into detail about how you personally associate with a brand and how you sell it based on your interpretation of the Vision and Mission.


We all had to come up with a one liner that encompassed our own hook that would get people asking us, What is that then? or How do you do that?

Mine was 'Helping people help themselves while helping others' to me this captures the personal reward that you get (helping yourself) with the local and global impact of JCI (helping others) and the advantages of the JCI framework in that the structure Helps people, to achieve what they set their minds on.


We went on to look at how this new knowledge could be used locally, within JCI UK and our own local chambers. This allowed is to move on to specific's implementing our message into Websites, Blogs, (SEOing them as much as possible) the use of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, yes we already know they are great and can give results, but we were actually told some of the top tips on what to actually do got get those results. Even going so far as to having our LinkedIn profiles personally reviewed by Jen Little.


We will be passing on some of these tips over the next few weeks via our Facebook and LinkedIn groups so make sure you are signed up and keep an eye out for the updates.