Lockdown diaries: How to be productive?

Lockdown diaries: How to be productive?

Posted By admin |12 May 2020
Lockdown diaries: How to be productive?
By Jordan Yung Khang Lee
Photo by fauxels from Pexels
The lockdown has hit us hard. Most of us have been indoors longer than we’re used to, but it’s also an opportunity to consider new ways to fill our time. Even if the lockdown eases somewhat, in the coming weeks and months, ‘normality’ whatever that means, is a while away still.   So, why not turn your attention to learning something new, or satisfy an interest that you’ve not pursued previously? With many events and courses having gone online, the options are infinite. All you need is a curiosity to explore. It all starts with you adapting and being inquisitive to trying something new. Instead of being uncomfortable with unexpected change, we should learn to accept these uncertainties and navigate them. Not only does it prepare us for the next phase of reality, but it reminds us that some things are indeed beyond our control. What we can do is to utilise all the resources around us and start being productive. Here are eight suggestions for you to achieve your productivity goals.

1. Discover a new language to learn.

Remember the times when you were curious to learn Italian, German or French but just could not find a time to go for classes? Now is your chance. With many videos on Youtube offering beginners to advanced lessons, why not spend this time to pick up something new? There are other options such as Duolingo that can be very valuable to pass the time while keeping your mind active.
Photo by Leonardo Toshiro Okubo on Unsplash.

2. Spring clean your car.

If you own a vehicle, now is an ideal time to clean it. Most of us will sometimes ignore washing our car when we work around the clock. Start by removing everything from the inside, wipe the external car surface, and then vacuum the seats. In fact, cleaning your car will have surprising benefits by getting outside for a small portion of your day. Your mental and physical health will improve simply by getting out of your “dungeon”!  

3. Improve your CV and build new connections virtually.

  Sometimes, the intention of updating our CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile might not be crucial when we are too absorbed in our career. Rather than ignoring it during the lockdown, why not give all of our professional documents and accounts a complete makeover? Make use of this critical period to work towards an even brighter future. Who knows a new role might be coming your way when you have a new, polished CV? Surprises will arise when you least expected it - preparation is key to success.
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4. Fulfil all your fitness goals.

There are times before the lockdown when going to the gym might have felt exhausting for some. It could be because some of us had packed schedules daily, so all we need is rest during the weekends. Why not explore a new fitness goal now when we are all stuck at home? Working out at home can be just as propitious for both your mind and body even without the gym. You can start by trying various types of workouts for the next few days and determine which exercise works best for you.

5. Start planning your meals daily.

The perks of not sending kids to school and going into an office are not needing to prepare any meals in advance. While most of us are home, for now, you will have to cook all three meals a day independently. So why not spend 20 minutes a week brainstorming ideas for your lunches and dinners? Mealtimes will definitely feel less stressful and hastened because it ensures that you have everything necessary in advance. With stores sometimes having irregular inventories, securing what you need is essential. Start packing early and enjoy making all the exciting meals for yourself and family!

6. Take a step back and plan your remaining goals for 2020.

Some of us created a list of objectives at the beginning of the year. But if you have not, now is an ideal time to formulate one. It will help you reflect life after the lockdown is lifted and encourage you to prioritise in the remaining months. If you already have a full list, take a look and review when necessary. Even if you are planning to make a new list, do not forget to include larger goals that you would like to achieve. Any plans that you want to commit with your kids and professional colleagues will undoubtedly benefit you.
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7. Attend as many virtual events you possibly can.

It is often challenging for anyone to attend any events during their busy schedule. But now you have the opportunity to participate in virtual experiences such as webinars or seminars that several organisations and universities are organising. You can undergo these activities from the comfort of your sofa without needing to worry about travel costs or logistical aspects. Besides webinars that are directly related to your domain, think about exploring other topics such as self-care, mental health and career advancements. It will equip you with life skills to give yourself a fresh shift from your workload.

8. Optimise your workspace in your house.

When I first realised that working from home was necessary during a pandemic, I knew I could not get anything done unless I made changes at home. I dedicated a day to empty my messy files and arrange them in a new environment so I can find them when needed. Moving my desk from downstairs in my house to my bedroom removed clutter from my existing work environment. Make a purposive effort to keep your room clean, ensuring the window is wide open on a sunny morning, and making your bed daily so that your environment remains a perfect location for you to work remotely.
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