Lord Bilimoria speaks about his JCI experience

Lord Bilimoria speaks about his JCI experience

Posted By admin |01 Feb 2011
Lord Bilimoria speaks about his JCI experience

Blog » lord bilimoria speaking at JCI London annual dinner.jpgLord Karan Bilimoria of Cobra Beer spoke warmly about his experience in JC India as a teenager at the JCI London Annual dinner at the House of Lords the 28th of January 2011. 

Admitting that he probably joined the Jaycees unconstitutionally early, at the age of 17, Lord Bilimoria remembers his time with JCI India with great warmth. 

A celebrated public speaker, Lord Bilimoria attended his first course in Public Speaking with the Jaycees.

The Lord confirmed his pleasure with both being able to host JCI London in the House of Lords, and reconnecting with the organisation. 

Speaking about his philosophy when doing business, Lord Bilimoria quoted Cobra Beer mission statement "to inspire and achieve" as his own personal vision. 

Other notable speakers at the JCI London annual dinner included VP Ismail Haznedar (Turkey) and JCI UK National President Allison Cowell. The dinner also included the awarding of a Senatorship to Past JCI London President Marco van den Heuvel (#70324), speeches by 2010 President Solveig Malvik, 2011 President Sarah Beckwith, Chamber Awards and the inauguration and transfer of chain from 2010 President Solveig to 2011 President Sarah.