Meet Glyn Jones - JCI UK National Convention Team Member

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Meet Glyn Jones - JCI UK National Convention Team Member

Posted By admin |17 Sep 2011
Meet Glyn Jones - JCI UK National Convention Team Member

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How long have you been a member?
I joined JCI Sheffield in only January of this year, but with everything that I have been involved with and the friendships I have made, it feels more like a couple of years!

Why did you join?
I met Kate Senter (JCI Sheffield President) during a normal work meeting to discuss how both of our organisations could work together. After listening to her speak so passionately about JCI I was sold!  When I looked through the list of events, seminars and training that was on offer, I really couldn't think of a reason why I wouldn't want to join, it seemed like a great way to improve the skills that I would need to move on in my career, and all I could think of at the time is that I wish I had joined sooner.

What is the most interesting JCI event you've been to and why?
I have just recently been lucky enough to attend an amazing 'Leadership Planning for Managers' session, where amongst other things we had to retrieve a life saving antidote from a contaminated field , plan a strategy to extract 2 teams from an island with a snowmobile and a dog sled in time to rendezvous with a military ship. Not things that I usually have to deal with in my day job! It was great opportunity to learn some leadership techniques that are used by the British Army which can be adapted to everyday life and in particular my role at work. It typified what JCI is all about, challenging yourself, learning new skills and working as part of a team.

Is there anything you have done as a JCI member that you never would have thought possible before you joined?
The one thing that I didn't think was possible was that within 6 months of joining I would have met so many people, many of whom I now consider as friends and I am certain that number will continue to grow over the years.

What is your role this year?
After just a couple of months as a new member I took on the role of Business Director, so I am working on the partnerships and engagement that we have with local commercial organisations to help build the awareness of JCI in Sheffield. As an added bonus I am also part of the Planning Committee for the National Convention and I am currently responsible for securing sponsorship from the local businesses and organisations that are keen to align their brand with us, and with Sheffield being a city keen to promote entrepreneurialism and future business leaders there have been no shortage of interested parties.  

What made you take on this particular role?
I took on this role as I thought I could use a lot of the existing relationships I have with businesses in the area and my experience in sponsorship and promotions would be useful to ensure that we get the 'buy in' from the local business community to help make the National Convention an event that JCI will be proud of. And with the plans that we already have in place it is already shaping up to look like a phenomenal event and we cant wait for our JCI colleagues from around the country to come and experience some renowned Yorkshire hospitality.  

What are you hoping to achieve in this role?
The National Convention is a great opportunity for us to be able to promote the JCI. So beyond delivering a fantastic event for all the members , I am hoping that this will be the springboard to an ongoing campaign of improving the awareness of JCI, and hopefully we will get many more young professionals from the city and beyond who sign up to membership.  Personally through my role as Business Director, through the campaigns that we have been working on since I joined and the exciting ones that we have planned in the next few months, I would love to see our membership grow and we could go on to deliver even bigger and bolder projects.

What do you enjoy most about being a JCI member?
The thing that I enjoy most about being a JCI member is that there is opportunity and no limits. There is always something new to look forward to, something new to challenge yourself with, and you are surrounded by a great team of people who you can learn from and who are willing to support you along the way.  I have gained so much from it already and I haven't even scratched the surface yet, I can't wait to attend some of the International conferences and make connections with other members from around the world!

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