Meet Vicky Savage, JCI Barnsley President 2011

Meet Vicky Savage, JCI Barnsley President 2011

Posted By admin |07 Dec 2010
Meet Vicky Savage, JCI Barnsley President 2011

Vicky Savage is incoming President of JCI Barnsley, we did a quick interview with her. If you haven't met Vicky yet you'll meet her at the "Barnsley Dinner" 21 January when she will be inaugurated as Local President. Blog » Vicky_JCI_Barnsley.jpg

How did you get involved in JCI?
I became involved with JCI through our Vice Principal here at Barnsley College, who is a member of Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce. He was very keen and eager for staff to develop their skills both internally and externally and could see the benefits of JCI. I contact the president at the time Debbie Tills who arranged for fellow members to come and talk to me about JCI Barnsley. After that fateful night I attended my first JCI Event which was the Vicious Circle Dinner and I became hooked.

What has JCI meant for you in your professional development?
Being part of JCI has enabled me to network with people outside of my profession who I usually wouldn't get the opportunity to meet. I have been able to make contacts with people who are prepared to come into college as guest speakers and mentors, which has been really useful.

Through JCI I have also attended training sessions that are bespoke and tailored to meet specific needs that you wouldn't get in the workplace or would cost. Being a member of JCI has enabled me to organise training events using the expertises of staff here at Barnsley College to benefit other JCI members. Attending training events has given me the confidence to take part in a variety of public speaking competition which lead to winning the Regional Extempore Competition this year in Leeds.

Which is the most inspiring JCI project you have been involved in?
This year JCI Barnsley took part in the Prince Trust/ JCI UK Enterprise Project, the aim of the project is to combine both business and community elements of JCI by forming small teams and creating an entrepreneurial/fundraising project over the summer to raise money for the charity.

Three Barnsley College Students and JCI members agreed to manage and run the project with myself as a mentor. The students decided to raise money by having a sweet stall at the college tutorial day. The students had to create a business plan, source materials and run the event. In total the project raised a good total of £175.

What is your travel plans with JCI 2011 when you are JCI Barnsley's Local President? Which events and conferences are you planning to go to?
I'm really excited for the forthcoming year having laid out my plans for 2011. In Barnsley we have fantastic members who are organising a variety of events which I can't wait to be involved in. I'm kicking off my year by attending JCI Edinburgh Burns Gala Dinner which sounds amazing followed quickly by going to JCI Reading for Inspiration Day 29th January.

Internationally I plan to attend European Conference in Tarragona and European Academy in Sweden.

Do you have a leadership book you can recommend other Local JCI Presidents to read?
As a work in Education I feel a great book to read is Maslow on Management by Abraham H. Maslow because it gives you an insight to the basic needs that enable staff to work effectively and how to build positive working relationships.

Is there anything JCI can help you with? Connections? Ideas?
I would like to see a facility like LinkedIn where JCI members from across the world can connect to share ideas, market events, work collaboratively on projects, skills directory and a discussion board.