Planning for 2012

Planning for 2012

Posted By admin |07 Oct 2011
Planning for 2012

I would like to start by thanking everyone that turned up to last nights Board meeting and AGM.

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The energy in the room was infectious and the ideas for training, projects, events and charity involvement were flowing freely.

Following on from the success of our 'How JCI Reading Can Help You' event the input from new members was fantastic. It was great to see that we have truly shown that JCI Reading can open new doors for people and it's effects can be far more reaching than those simply in the room on the day.

For the last 2 years the main focus of JCI Reading has been on Personal Development, giving members the opportunities to increase knowledge and skills, then apply them.

In 2012 we are committing to increase this to having a larger impact on the community around us. We are looking to increase the number of both community and business projects focusing the training we provide on the specific needs of those projects to ensure they have the highest possible impact. Click on the mindmap to see just some of the areas we are discussing and let us know where you would like to help and add value.

On the official side we had 2 votes to build the foundations for next years board.

I was honoured to be supported to be the President of JCI Reading for 2012 and am excited to be working once again with Clare Franklin who has taken the role of Events Coordinator.

If you have an interest in learning or developing your skills and influencing the impact that JCI Reading will be making over the coming year there are other board positions that can be made to fit you and the commitment you are able to make. Please speak to me to discuss the options.

2012 is going to be a fantastic year, so get involved and help make a difference.