PPE Part 2 – Supporting Our Care Homes #carersweek

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PPE Part 2 – Supporting Our Care Homes #carersweek

Posted By admin |07 Jun 2020
PPE Part 2 –  Supporting Our Care Homes #carersweek

Blogger: Selina Horshi

March/April 2020

JCI Derry is proud to have supported Piecemakers in sourcing materials, constructing and delivering over 2,500 face shields to hospitals, care homes, charities and other key workers.

May/June 2020

The need for help now seemed to lie most urgently within the care homes as they fight and protect against Covid 19. Hygiene remains the best way to protect us all against the virus and therefore the pressing need was identified as being a supply of sanitiser. Additionally, as carers cannot care for their patients whilst maintaining a 2-metre social distance, face masks were identified as essential. As face masks must be regularly replaced we aimed to help shore up the stock for our local care facilities. To that end, we were delighted to partner up and enlist the financial and logistical support of  Dalradian Gold Limited.

So, with thanks to our care homes, JCI Derry members including Jack Heaney, Paul Stafford and Selina Horshi, proceeded to deliver 5-litre containers of hand sanitiser and packs of 50 facemasks to 21 care homes and facilities in our area. Each parcel was delivered with a certificate verifying the alcohol content of the sanitiser, and all masks were in protective clean casing to ensure we were helping these care homes in a safe and clinically approved way.

Deliveries were made to the following...

  • Cornfields Care Centre
  • Ardlough Care Home
  • Beechway House Apex Housing Assoc
  • Belmont Cottages Apex Hosuing Assoc
  • Brooklands Edenballymore Lodge
  • Craigdene Care Home
  • Culmore Manor Nursing Home
  • Daleview House
  • Deanfield Care Home
  • Edgewater
  • Fairview House
  • Glen Caring
  • Greenhaw Lodge Care Centre
  • Longfield Care Home
  • Meadowbank Care Home
  • Owen Mor Care Centre
  • Ralph's Close
  • Rectory Field Care Homes
  • Seven Oaks Housing with Care
  • Seymour Gardens
  • Templemoyle Nursing Home
  • William St Residential Home

With a delivery value totaling in excess of £2,000, this will be a major boost in helping our fantastic carers help those identified as being in greatest need – a great example of business and community working hand in hand via the JCI.

JCI were also delighted to further assist Dalradian Gold in extending the reach and provision of sanitiser and masks to other care/nursing homes and voluntary organisations in the wider / rural DCSDC area. We helped identify a further 25 care homes and charities who benefited from these donations.

The delivery value totaled over £2,000.

With thanks again for what our carers to in our society, today and every day.

Selina Horshi JCI President 2020