Preparing for 2021

Preparing for 2021

Posted By admin |01 Nov 2020
Preparing for 2021

We think everyone would agree that 2020 hasn't been the year they planned, however perhaps one thing this year has taught us is how to better prepare for the unexpected.

Each year JCI UK offer incoming presidents a weekend of training and networking workshops. Unfortunately, this year's Deputies Weekend had to be held online rather than face to face, but it was still a fantastic event. Without giving too much away, here's a synopsis of the weekend.....

9 Deputies from around the UK joined UK Sarah Beckwith for a range of sessions that covered leadership, marketing, community, governance, and more. There were also guest appearances from the 2021 JCI UK board directors William Redpath and Nikki Davies, as they led sessions on team building and planning your programme.

Finally, the weekend ended with the JCI UK 2021 President Phoebe Benta and Deputy President Hope Chirengwa joining the session as each Deputy presented their ideas for next year. As expected there were some fantastic ideas and plans being shared, which makes us think 2021 could be one of the best years yet!

Being involved with JCI provides a range of benefits, including but not limited to;

  • Expanding your network. With a lot of events being hosted online, you can easily meet and discuss ideas and topics with JCI members from around the UK and world.
  • Developing new skills. Being a part of JCI especially a board director allows you to develop a wide variety of skills including but not limited to; leadership, public speaking and time management.
  • Helping your community. Joining JCI projects can enable you to provide help and support to charities and community causes.

If you'd like to find out more about JCI Manchester and how you can get involved then here are some ways to do so:

  • Join our November board meeting where our 2021 President Hannah Matthewman will be sharing her initial plans for the upcoming year. You can sign up here.
  • Email to ask for more information.
  • Apply for a role on our 2021 Board of Directors. More information can be found here.