President's message - August

President's message - August

Posted By admin |03 Aug 2011
President's message - August

Dear JCI UK Members, Senators and friends.

What do you get if you cross amazing JCI UK members, enthusiasm and energy by the bucket load, great JCI events, and fantastic local presidents (and so much more)?......Correct you get an increase in JCI UK membership of 33.1%. Oh yes! The JCI UK database is showing more than 500 members now. So welcome to all our new members, as well as our brilliant existing members, and thank you to everyone for everything they are doing.

So what can I share with you this month?

  • The World President came to visit JCI UK
  • We have raised more than $20,000 for the JCI Nothing But Nets Campaign
  • I have travelled 1,016 miles for JCI UK this month.......but my car pretty much stayed on my drive!!

JCI World President came to visit JCI UK
Blog » Visits » Kentaro 1.jpgThis month has yet again flown past. It has once again been a great month, but the highlight must have been hosting the World President, Kentaro Harada, and his assistant Kazuo Murato. It really gave us a chance to show of how amazing JCI UK really is.

JCI Manchester was the first destination, and after a quick detour from the airport via Manchester United football ground, we were ready for the first event of his visit. We headed up to the Sky Lounge, where the sun was shining, the British Themed Buffet was served, and an amazing singer was waiting for us. President Kentaro was able to meet members, and one of our 2011 TOYP candidates, Ruth Ibegbuna. She invited one of the young ladies that she has worked with through her project RECLAIM to speak to us. Irrespective of her age (she was only 16) she spoke with so much maturity and passion, I have to say I was totally inspired by her. It was also great to be there for the first showing of the JCI Manchester promotional video that they have made.

We were hosted by Joy Kingsley, a former president of JCI Manchester, and a Senior Partner of JMW Solicitors LLP, for a business breakfast, where we were addressed by Keith Arrowsmith, Clive Memmott, and Peter Heginbotham. As they say, time flies when you are having fun, and boy did the time fly, before we knew it, It was back to the airport for a quick hop across the pond where JCI Belfast were waiting with open arms for us.

Our first engagement was a beautiful reception at Malmaison, with JCI Belfast members, Senators, and Minister Arlene Foster. It was a perfect setting for the event, it meant that the address that Minister Foster gave us felt very personal, and between courses everyone got the chance to speak to each other, there was a great atmosphere and energy in the room, but again the time ran away with us.

The following morning a breakfast meeting had been arranged with Invest Northern Ireland, whereby we got the opportunity to learn more about INI, and talked about some of the ways that JCI and INI could work together, it was the kind of meeting that puts a smile on your face, and a spring in your step.

President Kentaro was, as always, very inspiring in the presentations he gave, and it really was a pleasure having him, between you and me, I think he really enjoyed himself too!!

Both JCI Manchester and JCI Belfast did us proud. I would like to personally thank both for everything that they did to make President Kentaro's visit so fantastic. Also the support we had from members and Senators, and also JCI Scotland, who popped down to Manchester for the visit, was great. I know I had an amazing time, and I'm pretty sure President Kentaro did too!! Please read my blog to hear more about the visit.

More than $20,000 raised for JCI Nothing But Nets Campaign
As you know I am very passionate about supporting the JCI Nothing But Nets Campaign, and so I am really happy to tell you that we have now raised more than $20,000 for the campaign. It is great that there are so many projects running up and down the UK, we are being truly active citizens and we are making a difference. Please don't stop now, let's keep going to see how much of a difference we really can make. We have a link on the official JCI Nothing but Nets site now, and so please feel free to add this link to any of your communication. We would be happy for you to set up your individual chamber within the group so that you can see how much money you have raised. Don't forget though that any money donated here can not be multiplied by our friends from Cordaid and JCI the Netherlands.

A new mode of transport
I have been very green this month with my travel for JCI UK, the 1,016 miles I have clocked up have mainly been on public transport, I must admit I did miss not being able to sing at the top of my voice to my cheesy CD's, but I have to say I actually really enjoyed it. Living in Boston (AKA the Moon according to my Uncle) public transport is not always an easy option, but after my great success this month, I may well try it again!! My Back to Basics tour has gone really well so far this year, I have visited all bar two chambers in the UK, which is fantastic....I have to be honest and say I didn't expect to visit so many chambers so quickly, but I am really chuffed that I have been invited, and if anyone has another opportunity for me to come and visit again, please do let me know, but you may have to meet me at the train station, ha ha.

Dates for the diary
Portraits » Allison Cowell JCI UK.jpgEveryone's diaries are looking nice and full for the next few months, but please don't forget, we have the JCI UK AGM on 18th September, which will also be the start of membership week in the UK. We will need to be declaring our membership numbers to JCI by the end of September, so I really do encourage you all to give membership  week a big push so that we can really end the year on a massive high, and have a great kick start ready for the year ahead. Also our JCI UK National Convention, hosted by Yorkshire will take place in Sheffield 25 - 27 November, registration will be open shortly. Everyone is welcome to the National Convention, and so please do spread the word, and make sure you book your place early, after all...... The Only Way is Yorkshire.......

I hope you have a great August, and I hope to see you soon



JCI UK National President

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