Presidents Update - April

Presidents Update - April

Posted By admin |06 Apr 2011
Presidents Update - April

Portraits » Allison Cowell JCI UK.jpgDear JCI UK Members, Senators and Friends,

Preparation and Inspiration, was the theme for the first quarter of the year.

The preparation has meant that we have seen the achievement of several deliverables so far already, including membership growth, which is fantastic, and I can honestly say that I have been truly inspired by so many of you.

This month I have:

  • Travelled 1,583 miles on behalf of JCI UK
  • Met Lorna Townsend the Past President of JCI Nottingham, who has offered to financially support Presidents and Deputies Day- THANK YOU
  • Met with Julia Goodfellow-Smith in London to work on the membership systems and procedures in place, in order for us to improve and grow
  • Prepared the 2011 JCI UK Local Presidents packs, and our next Marketing initiative is currently sitting in my front room......all will be revealed next week
  • After driving around Sheffield City centre for nearly 45 minutes, until Rebecca Good found me, I attended and spoke at JCI Sheffield's new members evening. A brilliant event, with some really great enthusiasm, well done everyone
  • Attended the Nom2Nom weekend in Belgium with 3 fellow JCI UK National Board members
  • Attended and spoke at JCI Southampton's open evening. Not only was it great to meet so many new people at the event, I also had the chance to talk to the Council members, and boy have they got some great things going on.
  • Even found some time to do some DIY at home!

JCI UK Members

I really am not joking when I say that YOU have been inspiring me. I have had many chats with many people about different things, and the level of enthusiasm, that I am seeing is nothing short of phenomenal.

The opportunities that you are actively seeking out, and taking with both hands, are brilliant, and the willingness to share is fantastic. I know that there are a lot of pilot schemes taking place in several chambers, and there is great excitement when I am being told about them, but the conversations are normally ending with the fact that you want to share these experiences, and that is what JCI is all about.

As you know I am very passionate about JCI, and in my mind success is not having half of the chambers doing well, it is having us all doing well. It is seeing us all grow and develop as individuals as well as an organisation. I really do mean it when I say thank you to each of you for all you are doing, and let's keep working hard as the rewards are, I am sure, just around the corner.

Membership Growth

I am so happy to be able to say that we have had a 8.9% membership growth so far this year, and hearing and seeing how chambers across the UK are preparing for their new member events, it is a growth that is so deserved.

I really am so pleased that I was invited to attend JCI Sheffield and JCI Southampton's events, they were both high quality events, with really friendly and inviting atmospheres.

I am just really sorry that I couldn't make it over to JCI Manchester's new members event. JCI Manchester is going from strength to strength, in so many areas. They had 81 people attend their new members event, which resulted in 3 new corporate members, 7 new individual members, and a good number of follow ups. One of their new corporate members gave the following fantastic feedback, "Thank you for last night, it has been many years since I have attended an event that has been so friendly and vibrant" (CEO of Bennett Verby).

JCI World President Kentaro Harada has set the months of March, June and September as impact months, whereby we are being asked to really focus on membership. JCI UK has a focused membership week 19th - 25th September, so let's hope that by the end of the year we can add a 1 to the front of the membership growth percentage seen so far this year. 

The world Trade Game

Can you believe I had to travel all the way to Belgium to play the World Trade Game, when I have one sat in my Garage! The World trade game gives players an insight into real life global trading, at the same time it allows players to practise their negotiation skills, networking, conflict management and because there are time limits involved, the ever important time management skill.

We played it in a very relaxed atmosphere, however I understand that this used to be a great tool that chambers used to involve their local business communities, and to increase the profile of JCI. Not only do you learn about world trade, it is an excellent team building tool, and you really do have to become creative, to ensure that your country has the level of resources, labour and end products in order to survive. My mind really is ticking and I am wondering..... is it time to bring the game back to life in the UK?

JCI UK Marketing Academy

Last weekend saw the launch of the JCI UK Marketing Academy, and I say, launch, because there has been some excellent feedback, and we really do hope that it was the first of many Marketing Academy's to come. There were 11 participants, representing 8 JCI UK chambers, and the feedback not only showed that the event achieved its objectives, but it was also a great networking opportunity for members, and it was clear that a good group of friends came out if it.

At the end of the Academy people were asked what they would do differently since attending the course, and looking at the blogging, tweeting, and facebook updates that I have seen since Sunday afternoon, attendees really have started a new chapter of their marketing life. Congratulations to all those who graduated from the academy, and a massive thank you to Solveig Malvik, JCI UK National Marketing Director, for organising the course, and to those of you who delivered training, and shared you knowledge.

Global Malaria Day

25th April, this is a date that I have been talking about ever since I came back from the UN Global Partnership summit in New York last year. Chambers all over the world will be taking action on this day to raise funds for the JCI Nothing But Nets campaign, working to eradicate Malaria.

The global impact of chambers running an event on the same day, is not only good for the cause, but is also great for us as an organisation. I want to be a part of the generation that makes a difference, and so am really pleased that my home chamber, JCI Boston, are really taking action, with their Easter Themed Market stall. We have our ducks ready for hook a duck, we have Easter eggs donated for a raffle, and we are going to be showing off our penny jar for a ‘guess how much is in the jar' game......what are you going to be doing?

I hope you have all had a good month, and are looking forward to another great JCI fun filled month ahead.



JCI UK National President

Senator # 70323