President's Update - July

President's Update - July

Posted By admin |09 Jul 2011
President's Update - July

Dear JCI UK Members, Senators and friends, 

Have you achieved 50% of the things you wanted to in 2011?Allison Cowell, JCI UK

As an accountant I feel I should be saying something clever and witty about percentages or fractions, but all I can say is wow, what a great first half!

The first 181 days have gone so fast, and I really do think we have achieved so much (so far). We've seen an increase in our membership, which is fantastic, we have had a record number of members attend and graduate from JCI official courses, we have new qualified trainers, we have some great JCI UK marketing, we won two awards at a European level, and have saved lives by raising money for the JCI nothing But nets project, and much, much more......

My feet have been a little firmer on the ground since coming back from European Conference, so what have I been up to this month?

  • I attended JCI Bradford's open evening at the Midland Hotel, and meet the local council team
  • I attended JCI Manchester's panel discussion on start up businesses, got to meet lots (and lots) of members, and even recorded something for the promotional video they are making
  • I met with Solveig Malvik, JCI UK Deputy National President
  • I met with Gemma Fletcher, JCI UK National Community Director
  • I have travelled 349 miles on behalf of JCI UK this month

One of things I have been enjoying the most this year is attending local chamber new member evenings. I love hearing the passion that people speak with, and what JCI means to individuals. I love the look on potential members' faces when they hear about the opportunities and experiences that they can have by being a member of JCI, and I get so excited that the next time I meet that individual, if they have decided to join our great organisation, they will have their own stories, and their own passion. JCI used to be referred to as the best kept secret, but if we want to create that ripple effect we need to talk more openly about US. Why JCI drives us to be better, and why we should be the organisation of choice for young active citizens.

Members of JCI UK are really making a difference, the number of events that have been held across the UK this month has been phenomenal, with trainings on social media, different public speaking trainings, we've seen speed networking, and speed reading, we've seen members doing a midnight walk, race for life, the three peaks challenge and there have been one or two social events in there too.

It s also great that we have a couple of members signed up to the JCI UK A.C.E Project (Active Citizen Experience). One of the pillars of JCI is community, and so this year we want to recognise people who do make a difference in their communities. It really is simple, all we ask is that you register any volunteering hours that you do, the type of volunteering is totally down to you, whether it is serving tea at your local hospital, or tidying up your local playground, it can be as part of an organised JCI project, or a totally personal thing. Not only will these actions make a big impact on the receivers' lives, but I can assure you, you will get a feeling that you won't get anywhere else!

So keep being active, and generally fantastic, I really hope to see you soon.


JCI UK National President
Senator #70323

07787 570026