President's Update - May

President's Update - May

Posted By admin |04 May 2011
President's Update - May

Dear JCI UK Members, Senators and friends.

We are now in the second quarter of the year, which is all about Action, and it is great to see the amount of Action taking place around the UK, with Local Chambers increasing their memberships, gathering media attention and raising the profile of JCI UK.

So what has been happening this month?

  • We saw the first ever JCI UK Marketing Academy held in Barnsley
  • I attended JCI Cambridge’s Business Skills Day, swiftly followed by the JCI UK Presidents and Deputies Day
  • I attended JCI Scottish Conference in Aberdeen, and judged the public speaking competition, which was really good. There were 11 JCI UK members (and members from the British Senate) in attendance as well, which is totally fantastic.
  • I’ve been a very busy active JCI Boston member this month, raising money for the JCI Nothing But Nets Campaign, as well as talking to Sqn 141 Boston Air Cadets about the cause and JCI in general.
  • In total, I have travelled 1,193 miles on behalf of JCI UK this month.

Our first National Council meeting of the year, had three key highlights:

  • JCI UK now has a Deputy National President in Solveig Malvik from JCI London – Congratulations Solveig
  • JCI Yorkshire’s bid to host JCI UK’s National Convention between 25th and 27th November 2011 was passed
  • A proposal to strengthen and improve the JCI UK’s training institute was passed.

We had a great day in Cambridge, and I would like to thank Jen Little and her team for hosting us, Lorna Townsend from JCI Nottingham who financially supported the day, and of course everyone who participated in the day.

On the Saturday JCI Cambridge hosted a Business Skills day, which was a high quality, very well organised event, with excellent trainers, and if you don’t believe me, their conversion rate of non JCI members to JCI members are a testament to the day. There were 5 non members who attended the event, and all 5 signed up as members……….wow!!

April 25th was Global Malaria Day, and my home chamber of Boston hosted an Easter themed market stall in Boston, we had donations from several shops in the town, and played hook-a-duck in the market place. The sun was shining for us, and we had a really good fun day, and saved lives in the process. We also had a clothes collection with Bags 2 Future, whereby we donated 42 bags of clothes and linen. The clothes collection was really easy to organise, and it really is easy money for the JCI Nothing But Nets Campaign. If anyone would like to organise a collection, please either contact me directly, or Gemma Fletcher – JCI UK’s National Community Director, and we will be able to point you in the right direction.

JCI UK is hoping to make our second donation of the year to the JCI Nothing But Nets Campaign shortly, via Cordaid (who are now offering a 100% multiplier) and so if you or your chamber have any donations to make, please do let us know, so that we can included them in our JCI UK donation.

Portraits » Allison Cowell JCI UK.jpgEleven JCI UK members made their way to JCI Scottish National Conference, and I think I speak for us all when I say it was a great weekend. There was a really warm welcome waiting for us when we got to Aberdeen, and with a mix of Speaking competitions, training events (one if which was run by 2 of our JCI UK trainers, Adam Woodhall and Emma Eastwood), a historical tour of Aberdeen, a Gala dinner (with friendship speeches), 2 Senatorships and Celidh dancing, a brilliant time was had by all. While most of us prepared for the farewell brunch on the Sunday morning, our Adam was up bright and breezy ready to run JCI Presenter in the morning. A very big thank you to JCI Scotland for making us feel so welcome.

I hope you have all had a good month, and are looking forward to another great JCI fun filled month ahead.



JCI UK National President

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