Press release: JCI Cambridge hosts lie detection workshop

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Press release: JCI Cambridge hosts lie detection workshop

Posted By admin |13 Nov 2010
Press release: JCI Cambridge hosts lie detection workshop

Business networking group, JCI Cambridge, this week played host to an interactive workshop on people watching and lie detection skills. 

The workshop, run by Facial Action Coding System (FACS) expert Aaron Garner, gave young Cambridge professionals the opportunity to study the subtle signs that indicate a person's true feelings.

Developed in the 1960's by Paul Eckman, on whom Tim Roth's character in US hit series "Lie to Me" is based, FACS attributes codes to the various muscle groups and actions of the face. With 10,000 facial expression combinations possible, FACS gives each its own unique code.
Through group exercises identifying the most commonly used facial expressions, split second muscle movements and by detecting giveaway signs of deceit, attendees learnt how to handle business situations and be more aware of their own responses.

While useful in all aspects of life, businesses especially can benefit from learning to read the clues to deception. From recognising mistruths given by candidates at the recruitment stage to identifying a less than genuine business proposition, this could potentially save vast amounts of money in the long run.

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Aaron, a trainer in emotional recognition and a qualified NLP practitioner, runs which helps businesses improve their communication skills.

"For all people in business, especially management, HR and sales, people watching is a skill with huge benefits", says Aaron."By recognising tiny, often subconscious, signals you can improve the outcome of a conversation. You understand what the other person is really thinking and this improves communication results; from sales pitches and managing teams to job interviews".

The evening was one of many interactive business seminars being run by the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cambridge for young professionals in the region.

JCI Cambridge President, Jen Little commented, "We are very honoured to have Aaron deliver a very informative and fun workshop for JCI Cambridge. The evening was a huge success and delivered valuable practical communication skills for within both the workplace and in dialogues with customers"

Stephen Gray, Private Banking Partner at Clydesdale Bank, which allows the JCI free use of the boardroom at its Cambridge Financial Solutions Centre, said: "As a corporate sponsor of the JCI we were delighted to have been able to provide a suitable venue for its regular training and networking events. The Bank recognises the invaluable role that JCI plays in the personal and professional development of its members and is keen to help support the Cambridge business leaders of the future."

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