Relaunching the National Training Team

Relaunching the National Training Team

Posted By admin |24 Apr 2020
Relaunching the National Training Team

By Sarah Beckwith

When I first joined JCI (granted quite a while ago!), I could barely stand up in front of ten people and speak for two minutes.  Now I’m lucky to be part of the Training Team at European Academy – an intense four day training experience developing leadership and teamworking skills in future JCI leaders from across Europe.

Training is one of the most unexpected skills to come out of my membership of JCI, but there is nothing quite like the buzz you get from seeing someone develop in front of your eyes and knowing that new skill you’ve facilitated them to learn may have helped them in some way.

Providing development opportunities is a key part of JCI and that’s why we’re relaunching the National Training Team (NTT) – to provide opportunities for JCI UK members to develop their skills as trainers and in turn provide development opportunities to other members through the training courses they deliver.

The NTT will:

  • Ensure there are opportunities for NTT Trainers to attend train-the-trainer events and practice their skills by facilitating training courses (once in-person training is possible again).

  • Provide mentors to enable new trainers to develop their skills.

  • Maintain a Training Directory, so chambers can find trainers to provide workshops.

  • Develop new training courses.

Further details about the NTT are documented in the JCI UK Training Policy.  In order to apply to join the NTT, you must be a member of JCI UK in good standing and have been a member of JCI for at least two years.  We think this is important as we believe NTT Trainers should be members who really understand and are committed to JCI.

If you become a member of the NTT, you are expected to have the availability and commitment to deliver training at local and national events.

The application form is here. 

We’re dealing with the admin whilst we’re in lockdown, with the aim being ready to help NTT members start delivering in-person training as soon as this is possible again.  Online training will also be discussed by the team. It is anticipated that applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, subject to the make-up of the overall team and availability of suitable mentors.

If you have any questions or queries please do get in touch with the National Training Team at: