Top 5 Interview Tips from Position Ignition

Top 5 Interview Tips from Position Ignition

Posted By admin |26 Apr 2011
Top 5 Interview Tips from Position Ignition


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Whilst your CV or job application is what gets you the job interview, the interview is what gets you the job. A job interview is your chance to show your potential new employer what value you would contribute to the organisation. So many of us struggle with selling ourselves and doing ourselves justice, but by following these tips we can approach job interviews with confidence-getting the result we want.

1. Do your research

You'll feel more confident and at ease in an interview, and therefore will be more likely to perform well, if you've done your research. Check out the organisation beforehand by looking at its website, social media profiles, press releases and anything else online you can find on it. Look at newspapers and magazines for articles written by, or about, key individuals within the company. Ask your contacts if they know anything about the organisation.

2. Demonstrate your natural energy and passion

It's one thing to say you want the job because you're passionate about that particular type of work or the industry; it's another thing to demonstrate it. Look alert and don't talk in a monotone voice. If you're used to using your hands to express yourself, don't be afraid of doing so now. By showing energy in the interview, you'll convince the interviewers that you have plenty of energy to invest in the job.

3. Be active

Remember that an interview is a two-way process, just like any other conversation. Be both engaged and engaging. Interact with the interviewers to make the interview into the conversation it's meant to be. When we think we're being 'grilled' we tend to tighten up and be passive at best and defensive at worst. Don't fall into this trap, but instead be stimulating in the way you portray yourself.

4. Use examples

One of the major mistakes we make in a job interview is to simply list our qualities or experiences in response to each question. Anyone can turn up and do this-the interviewers want to know about you in particular and they want evidence that you're all the things you say you are. Instead of saying you're adaptable and leaving it at that, give an example of a time where you had to adapt to a new situation, perhaps by doing a task you wouldn't normally have to do. You can use examples from both your professional and personal life.

5. Prepare some questions to ask

Have some questions ready for when the interviewer asks if you want to ask anything. This may seem obvious, but it can't be stressed enough. Not only do you avoid being tongue-tied, but if you've researched and prepared some genuinely intelligent questions, it's another sign that you're truly passionate about this job and organisation. Also, it gives you the chance to find out more about the role and employer.

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