Tracy Anderson from JCI Boston tells us about her plans for 2011

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Tracy Anderson from JCI Boston tells us about her plans for 2011

Posted By admin |09 Dec 2010
Tracy Anderson from JCI Boston tells us about her plans for 2011

You are the incoming Local President of JCI Boston. Can you briefly tell us about your plans for next year?  
Yes, my plans are to increase the membership of JCI Boston. We are a small chamber and have limited resources. I wish to spread the JCI word around Boston, develop key relationships and take advantage of the fact we have the National President Allison Cowell in our chamber.

I would like to see a programme in Boston that offers all areas of opportunity, though our strength is our social programme. JCI Boston will support national JCI events such as The Global Malaria Day. I am also going to attend my first European Conference in Tarragona next year which I am very excited about!

We are going to be launching a new website early next year which will help us to attract new members. 

Five of your members climbed the Mount Snowdon as a teambuilding weekend earlier this year! How was it?
Hard work, especially the climb up but lots of fun. I personally struggled, if it hadn’t have been for the encouragement from my fellow members I don’t think I would have made it. The bad blisters didn’t help either! Even though the members who did the climb have known each other for a couple of years now, it was like getting to know them all over again, as we also stayed in a very minimal bunkhouse for the weekend.

I’m very proud that are efforts have been recognised regionally by receiving the most outstanding social project and nationally by receiving a certificate of merit. 

What are the learning’s for you and the team from the climbing project?  
I think we learnt a lot about each other and in particular what the individual’s team member’s strengths are, and how to respect those strengths, whether it was map reading or motivational encouragement. It has improved skills such as organisation, co-ordination and planning. The team has a re-energised bond which I hopes lasts throughout 2011 and beyond.

What is your dream project that you would like your members to become involved in next year?  
I have two key projects in mind for next year, one would be a local community project, at the minute my idea of holding a five-aside football tournament is only at the ideas stage but hopefully in the coming months with my members support it will turn into a plan. I know JCI Sheffield hosted one several years ago and it was a great success for them.

The other key project next year is; I would also like to host a Boston Day so all our friends around the UK can come a visit the original Boston. I’m sure the majority of the UK membership has never been to Boston, some may not even know where we are. Therefore I am inviting members to come and see what Boston is all about. Watch this space for the date.

If you could invite any speaker/trainer to a JCI UK event who would that be?   
Peter Jones, because he is a successful business man, who has started up a portfolio of companies. He appears on the television show Dragons Den and with his experiences and contacts, advises budding entrepreneurs. Not only would his life story be interesting but his tips and advice would be worth listening too.

Is there anything that JCI can help you with? Contacts? Ideas? Connections? 
I would like the support from our fellow chambers and in return we will support them, Boston is lucky enough to be in the Yorkshire region but unfortunately with a couple of hours drive away this can make it difficult. 

I think open communication is must, it is important that we are given information from national board etc but then it also means it has to be two way communication. Chambers need to share ideas, resources and projects successes with one another.  

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Lesley Young handing over the certificate of merit for most outstanding social project to Tracy Anderson at the National Convention 2010 in London.