What will your never-thought-I-would experience be?

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What will your never-thought-I-would experience be?

Posted By admin |26 Apr 2011
What will your never-thought-I-would experience be?

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My aim this year is for every JCI London member to experience/achieve/do something they never would have thought possible before joining JCI.  So here, as inspiration, are my personal top ten things I never dreamed I would ever do before I joined JCI:

1.       Put on a Santa hat and collect gifts from the public in a shopping centre for disadvantaged children (Gift of Christmas 2006)

2.       Dance and sing made up words to the tune of queen's ˝Don't Stop Me Now˝ (Scottish Leadership Academy 2007)

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3.       Help to organise the informal international event the European Capitals Meeting, where venues included the top floor of City Hall and the Clink Prison Museum (ECM, London, 2008)

4.       Go to a party in a pool with 2000 other Jaycees (European Conference, Budapest, 2009)

5.       Graduate as a JCI Trainer and give training to other Jaycees (JCI Presenter & Trainer 2009)

6.       Take part in an academy where I only slept about 3 hours per night, did some crazy things (including painting my face blue and handing out cheese!) and have never laughed so much in my life (COC Academy, Austria, 2010)

7.       Walked blindfolded in the pouring rain through a frog-infested forest in Sweden (European Academy 2010)

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8.       Organise a 3 day conference for nearly 150 people (JCI UK National Convention, London, 2010)

9.     Travel to Japan and do karaoke in a Union Jack dress (World Congress, Osaka ,2010)

10.   Give a speech in the House of Lords in front of nearly 100 people (Presidential Inauguration 2011)

Every year I discover more and more of these incredible opportunities only available to JCI members.  What will your never dreamed of experience be?  The only way to find out is to get involved!