Partner with Us

JCI UK is a vibrant, membership organisation with local chapters across the UK that provides a platform for young professionals and young business owners to learn new skills, grow their networks, give back to their community and experience leadership.

Partner with JCI UK

JCI UK (and chambers across the UK) are always looking for likeminded organisations who share the same goals as us or simply wish to provide new and exciting opportunities for their own teams/affiliates to get involved and access the opportunities JCI UK provides.

By partnering with us, we can help you do the following:

  • Provide opportunities for your own members or employees to become members and receive all the benefits that come with JCI membership
  • Raise awareness across our channels
  • Run joint projects (either locally or nationally)
  • Provide sponsorship opportunities
  • Collaborate to promote joint initiatives and campaigns

Our partnership offering can be broken down into three different strands.


If you are a business with staff in the UK and you’re looking for a way to develop your employees outside of work, then look no further than JCI.

The packages we offer can suit any budget (from start-up businesses to multi-national corporates).

These packages come full of perks including:

  • Discounted membership costs for staff
  • Discounted National Academy and Convention attendance costs
  • Social and digital media promotion
  • Sponsorship and promotional opportunities at JCI UK events

This offer comes in three flavours:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

For more information, please contact our Strategic Partners Director by clicking here


JCI is always looking for third sector organisations and charities whose goals map up to our own.

JCI, as global partners of the United Nations, ascribe the Millennium Development and Sustainable Development Goals (MDGs and SDGs) and are committed to addressing these challenges both at home and abroad.

Our mission is to mobilise the passion and enthusiasm of our members and encourage them to contribute in a meaningful way to progressing these agendas.

Each year, we run numerous national campaigns utilising our membership-base including:

  • Nothing But Nets
  • Shade Aid
  • Pound-a-day

If you are a UK-based charity that could benefit from working with either JCI UK or local chambers then please get in touch with our Strategic Partners Director by clicking here


Along with our corporate and community partners, JCI UK also works with organisations that we can collaborate with the progress our core aims.

Rather than paying a fee to support JCI, these organisations are strategic partners that bring something else to the table. This can be in the form of services or products for the benefit of our membership.

If you are an organisation that does any of the following then please get in touch:

  • Works with young professionals, young business owners or young people
  • Provides training either locally or nationally
  • Provides products or services that might benefit our members
  • Provides business support services or consultancy which JCI UK could benefit from

JCI are also open to partnerships from any and all who believe they have something they can offer our members so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Strategic Partners Director by clicking here