JCI is a place to develop your leadership skills, meet inspiring people and make an impact in your local community.

JCI UK Members Testimonial

We've members all across the UK who have joined for many different reasons and got so much more than they expected out of their membership. Below are some examples of what our members have got out of their membership.

JCI has given me the opportunity to try new things in a safe, supportive and fun environment. I’ve met lots of great people and JCI has definitely helped improve my confidence.

James Lambert, Southampton

It sounds like a cliché but JCI has literally changed my life. I’ve become so much more confident, developed leadership skills and travelled to loads of new places. Best of all I now have a truly global network of ambitious, supportive and generally amazing people. If you’re looking to challenge yourself and improve your community, then JCI is the organisation for you.

Ilona Alcock, Manchester

Opportunities and skills are the shortest examples I can use to summarise the benefits I gained from my JCI membership. With JCI you learn more and the more you learn, the more confident you are. A confidence that grows weeks after weeks and gives you the tools to be better in your personal life and build more expertise and diverse skills in your professional life. JCI it’s ambitious people like you and me committed to make a difference by creating opportunities like no other!

Célestine Onomo, Southampton

 JCI gave me the opportunity to learn about myself outside of my normal environment. I was able to challenge myself and discover new skills and competences. I made genuine friendships with people around the world. Both my work, and personal life have benefited from joining the organisation.

Dexter Dash, London

JCI has offered me incredible opportunities for personal and professional growth as well as a great environment to push my limits to improve myself, gain confidence and enhance my skills (such as public speaking, training, leadership and more).

Sophie Delaporte, Southampton

In less than a year JCI has built my self-confidence, improved my public speaking skills and given me life-long friends. I feel extremely lucky to be part of an organisation where everyone is so supportive of everything I do.

Anne Homer, Sheffield

I was to set up a new business unit in London, and my biggest challenge was to fit into a new market, both professionally and personally. I quickly learned that just like me a lot of JCI members are entrepreneurial people with strong business skills. Spending time in JCI allowed me to position my skills in the UK business culture and from that came the confidence to go out and achieve brilliant results in my work.

Ruta Rataviciute, London

When I first joined JCI I was a shadow of the person I am today.  I was quite, unassuming and afraid to put myself out of my comfort zone even when I could see the benefits.  I ran my own business and found it difficult to gain training or development opportunities that were outside of normal work hours and not ridiculously expensive.  JCI offers great events through a wide spectrum of topics which helped me gain in confidence, learn to public speak and create a great network of other young professionals in similar position who I can always call on for help.

Fiona Morgan, Rotherham