The JCI UK Senate

The Senate comprises outstanding active JCI members who have been awarded a senatorship in recognition of their contribution to JCI. A senatorship confers life membership of JCI. Senators over the age of 40 are not allowed to hold office, but they can still be active in JCI.

JCI Senators

JCI UK Senate helps JCI UK keep in touch with former active members. The senate works with the national JCI organisations, and many senators go to all major international JCI conferences.

How do I propose someone for a JCI senatorship?

The person you’re proposing must have been a member of JCI for more than three years.

You and a few other people would usually discreetly compile a history of the person’s achievements in JCI.

Your local president, regional group chairman and national president will all need to approve the application, before it goes to JCI HQ in America. If awarded, the senatorship should be a total surprise for the recipient.

It takes around four to six weeks for the application to be processed; a senatorship costs $300.

In 2001, the worldwide senate organisation celebrated its 50th anniversary. At the time, it had awarded about 66,000 senatorships all around the world.

You can find our more about the JCI UK Senate on their website.