If a JCI member were on the Apprentice...

If a JCI member were on the Apprentice...

Posted By admin |01 Apr 2012
If a JCI member were on the Apprentice...

I'm sure they'd win!

Have you been watching the new series of the Apprentice?  While it is the absolute catastrophes, team squabbles and occasional total lack of common sense that make the show entertaining, I do find myself mentally plotting out how they should have approached the task based on some of the things I have learned as a JCI member.

Communication Lacking in the Apprentice

I am in no way a business whiz, but I know that JCI offers the development of skills that would put most members streets ahead of half the candidates.  Here are a few examples:

  • Communication - Both teams had huge problems in last week's gadget task due to a lack of communication.  I have learned through project management and team leadership roles in JCI that regular and clear communication is key - to ensuring all team members are engaged, that teamwork is promoted and everyone knows what is expected so that work is not repeated or missed.
  • Project Management - Know what you are trying to achieve, create a plan, assign roles and responsibilities, constantly evaluate progress and adapt your plan accordingly - many of the elements missing from the Apprentice teams' approach resulting in them running around like headless chickens.  Practical experience in a safe environment in JCI allows members to develop project management skills while learning from more experienced members.  I'm not saying it goes perfectly every time, but you certainly won't have your hiccups broadcast on national television.
  • Working With Others - You'd think that some of the candidates on the Apprentice had only ever worked with people exactly like them.  What I love about JCI is the chance to work with people from all different backgrounds, professions and nationalities.  The academies I have attended have given me great insights into the many different personality types (my own included) and how they work best.  Understanding that not everyone works in the same way as you means you can assign tasks based on people's strengths, know how to communicate for maximum effect and really motivate your team.
  • Creativity - When tasked with coming up with a new gadget last week, the girls' team sat around looking at each other blankly and waiting for one of them to have a Eureka idea.  My JCI experience tells me that the best ideas start from something small/crazy/seemingly impossible, developed into something special by bouncing ideas around the team and having everyone input into it and get excited about it.  It's also much more fun than staring at a blank flipchart page!

If you are interested in learning some of these skills, why not join one of our teams?  Contact the director in the area of opportunity in which you are interested and maybe we'll see you winning a future series of the Apprentice!

Could you win the Apprentice with skills developed at JCI?